About the Collective

The SFU Women's Centre is run by a collective -- a group of women who have devoted their time and energy to connecting with and supporting women on campus. Using consensus-based decision making and a non-hierarchical structure, the Collective meets once a week to determine the direction of our programming, uphold the five-point mandate they developed for our Centre, and steward our space.  

Guests are welcome at Collective meetings, which will begin again in fall 2016. 

Our Five-Point Mandate 


Committed to the struggle for women's rights and is opposed to all forms of oppression


Committed to providing sex positive information


Committed to ensuring women's right to control their bodies and reporductive lives

Trans and Intersex Inclusive

Committed to ensuring that trans and intersex women's rights are respected


Zero tolerance policy on racism, and ethnocentrism that discredits others