Our lounge is CLOSED for cleaning!
Our 24-hour lounge will be CLOSED for a deep cleaning this weekend, beginning Friday, August 19th at 5 PM. It will reopen and return to its regular hours on Tuesday, August 23rd at 9... Read More
Volunteer With Us This Fall!
Wondering how to get involved with the Women's Centre? Now's your chance!... Read More
August Library Picks
This month the picks from our library celebrate young trailblazers - girls leading the way & creating change!
Prayer Space at the Women's Centre
Welcome to the Women's Centre's non-sectarian, LGBATQ+ inclusive prayer nook for self-identified Muslim women! You can find this new space in our 24/7... Read More

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Free Stuff

Drop by for free tampons, pads, safer sex supplies, pregnancy tests, and more!

Crisis Resources

Facing a crisis? This is where you can turn to for immediate assistance.

About the Centre


We're a collective-run, pro-feminist, anti-racist, pro-choice, sex-positive, trans & intersex inclusive space at SFU. Brought to you by the SFSS & the GSS. Questions? Contact the coordinator.

Trans* Inclusion

Trans* and intersex women are welcome throughout our space, especially in our 24/7 lounge for women. Gender policing will not be tolerated. If anyone makes you feel unwelcome here, please contact us immediately.

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